François Jx

Testify ! We do not wonder of this shout of François Jonniaux’s heart : he is a journalistic son. From the age of 6, he is in the “lab” of his father, observing the “magic” appearance of a new reality. At 10 years old, the journalist changes his equipment and offers him his Voigtländer “Bessamatic”… The Virus is born ; François begins to photograph. At the age of 12, he visits an exhibition dedicated to Henri Cartier-Bresson. Naivety of the childhood, he exclaims : ” This guy sees as me! “… François does not still know him : he will be a photographer. A real self-taught course.
Very fast, he begins to work for Museums, determining meeting with the Plastic arts, the paint and the sculpture, with the color and the forms, before becoming a press photographer. His numerous reports, the affable to walk its ” roaming eye “, outside the commands and outside the current events. Witness of rural or urban anecdotes, he lets go itself in a shape of realistic poetry, fixing simply and sincerely what the emotion inspires him or shows him.