Jean Char

Very early on, photography became at Jean Char a real means of artistic expression, allowing him to fix the light and his ideas on paper. First inspired by places of travel and nature, in Provence in particular, He’s then interested in less figurative forms. He attaches great importance to restoring the moment captured in its entirety, and in its pure truth.
Since his youth, painting has enriched his need for visual expression. He begins as a self-teacher to discover the drawing, the watercolor, the oil, then the mixed media and the photo that he adopts as his preferred technique.
His introspective sensitivity is reflected in his work by a deep warmth of colors and a gentle harmony of abstract forms.
His elaborate paintings and photos, woven of colors and organic and geometric shapes, give to see worlds apart created by his own sensibility. He manages to capture the spirit of places and ephemeral moments, while granting them a symbolic and significant character or simply an invitation to dreams.