Hugues Charrier

Attentive to the uniqueness and fragility of the nature that surrounds him, Hugues CHARRIER strives to immortalize his different representations without artifice. It is therefore natural that he immersed himself in the heights of the massifs of Provence or off the Calanques, where he found the sources of inspiration for his photographic approach.

With rust, he strives to highlight the degeneration it generates on the object designed by man. Through the metamorphosis that she imposes on it, regardless of the passing time, she brings it back to life as a unique work of art, through action on its material, structure, shape and appearance.
Watching “Fleur de Rouille” is to be attentive to the notion of passing time, to be ready to sail on it, according to the imagination or its reality. It is to be part of the cycle of Nature, having the wisdom to go further, otherwise than yesterday.

As with all his favorite subjects, Hugues CHARRIER seeks to simulate the eye, to force everyone to go beyond the first visual.